I took the site header photo in August of 2009 when I spent two weeks in Ireland following my shapechanger character Mary McCarthy on her journeys through Ireland. It is a shot from the east of the village of Ballyvaughan. For more pictures see the gallery of the Ballyvaughan Development Group.

This lovely small town is on the southern side of Galway Bay. You can just barely see it in the lower right hand side of the photo.

This is where Mary lived until she died the first time in 1854, then came back from the grave an ever-young shapechanger.

The featured image of St. John’s Castle on the story “Danger Road” was taken from the Ireland Information web page on Limerick.

The featured image of Cork City on the story “Enter the Cat Lady” was taken from the Flickr photos of an extraordinary photographer identified only as Kman999.

The featured image for The Organization at War is a 1930s train (British Railways no. 45305), not the one described in the story.  I found it in several wallpaper-image sites and could find no original attribution or copyright.  This specific image came from the eweb4 site.

The featured images above Chapters 13-16 of The Super Olympian came from these sources.