Shapechanger’s Progress

I’ve added to this site an excerpt from Book Two of the Mary McCarthy trilogy, Shapechanger’s Progress. The book is mostly done, but I won’t publish it until I’ve finished Book Three, Shapechanger’s Destiny. Three is not plotted in complete detail, and I may have to make minor changes in Two to make them fit well together.

In Two Mary is still involved in the Org, though increasingly less so. She wants it to become independent of her so she can travel the world, possibly in new identities.

In the excerpt “Dame Edith” has started a publishing company. Mary in her Dr. McCarthy persona travels to England to induce literary lights to sell rights to their backlist titles to the company. This should be possible since the titles are no longer earning money and even an Irish publisher might bring in some miniscule funds.

She goes to a party put on by George Elliott. There Mary meets several authors, including Elliott, Charles Dickens, Dicken’s associate Colin Wilkie, and Benjamin Disraeli (an author as well as politician).

She also meets other influential people, including Barbara Bodichon and Sophia Jex-Blake. And Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female American medical doctor. That last meeting is to have a major impact on the history of the world.

To read an excerpt from Progress go here.


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