Shapechanger’s Birth

In 1854 Mary McCarthy escapes from her grave in West Ireland, emaciated but healthy – and physically thirteen years old. Forever lost to her old life, she decides to travel south to Kilrush on the River Shannon, near where that long river widens and enters the Atlantic.

On the way she learns more about who and what she has become. She also meets three young English noblemen bent on rape and murder of a lone seemingly fourteen-year-old girl.  They soon regret their intentions – but not for long.

In Kilrush in an orphanage she is delighted to be given access to a library, trained in job skills, and taught general knowledge. She also meets a bully who must be taught a lesson about the dangers of picking on those who seem weaker than themselves.  And she finds friends and a home, and learns more about her nature and her destiny.

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