There is a universe as near as our breath and infinitely far. It is nearly identical to our own. It has occasional differences, a hill here and not there or vice versa, a custom here inverted there, someone here who died early there or late – or not at all.

Those last are the immortal shapechangers. There are not many. Perhaps one in every hundred million people born. They live mostly ordinary lives until they die, when their bodies cure them of death and age. They awake and escape their graves, or do not and retreat into sleep until their graves are opened by accident or intent – if they ever are.

Shapechangers have perfect control of their bodies, and a mysterious ability to make a wish for a bodily change real. Within the bounds of natural law, that is. Their muscles can be very strong, but not infinitely strong. Their reflexes can be much faster than normal, but not infinitely fast. Their brains become perfectly healthy, but only the bright become brilliant. They can not get sick or age or go insane from physical causes, but they can believe idiotic ideas.

And some of them develop esoteric powers which seem magical. Though it may take a while. Roberto Rodriguez was well over a hundred when he learned to fly.

The Tales tell of the ordinary and extraordinary lives lived by some of these shapechangers. Among them are Mary McCarthy, known in one of her personas as the legendary cat lady, in another the incomparably beautiful first medical doctor in Ireland, and in a third the most feared crimelord in all the British Empire.  Her story begins in Shapechanger’s Birth.

Roberto Rodriguez is the Immortal Warrior – Spanish soldier, Comanche medicine man, Galician freedom fighter, Bedouin chieftain, samurai, Prussian general, Texas gunfighter, billionaire. Whose greatest adventures come when he meets glamorous talky movie star Mary McCarthy.

Marine biologist Sylvia Connelly lives in the world Mary and Roberto created, where Ireland leads the British Empire in 1983 and space travel is routine. Kidnapped to be forced into prostitution but accidentally killed, she wakes under the waters offshore of Puerto Rico a sea monster. Regaining her memories and life on land she sets out for revenge.

Sasha Canaro was 18 when she died and woke a shapechanger. She has been aimed at the Olympics since she was five years old, baffling her non-athletic but supportive parents. Now her extra-human abilities make even the Olympics a boring non-challenge. But what can challenge her? Perhaps fighting crime; there is certainly plenty of it.

These and others are the immortals found in The Tales of the Shapechangers.