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Image is from a film critique by Nathan Rabin of Elizabethtown. In it he introduced the label Manic Pixie Dream Girl, a stock character whose function is as a “comfort girl” to make the main character feel good.

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Earth-View-from-Outer-Space-Wallpaper rotated cropped to 400 wide

CT capture 1

CT capture 2

Intro to Chapter Five in The Once-Dead Girl.

Interior Ch 5 moon over Paris 5 color 2xxx400Front Cover - text 266x400

Front Cover 2 low res 266x400

Front Cover kindle format 250 x 400

triangle diagrm 800 x 400 2 halved

capture 2


CaptureCapture 40% GIF

Except for the first image, these images were created exclusively by me, out of parts owned exclusively by me. They are thus copyrighted. I hereby release them into the public domain without restriction, to be modified and used for any purposes.