Ebooks 9

Here are the ebook and printed versions of the chapters’ intro images.

The photo is in the public domain, taken by a USAF photographer on duty as part of an Air Force Reserve Command-sponsored tour.  (But the sky was Photoshopped in from a photo I took in Kilrush Ireland!)

Interior Ch 1 - cheerleaders 5 cropped resized_____Interior Ch 1 - cheerleaders 5 urban snapshots BW cropped resized

Bethany learns she has a built-in laser thrower in Chapter Two.  The background is a photo I took of a bus stop a few blocks away from my home, taken just before sunset.

Interior Ch 2 front 3 cropped resized_____Interior Ch 2 front 3 BW cropped resized

Beth and her four friends go to Venice Beach in Chapter Three.  There she learns more about her super powers.  The photo is another one in the public domain.  (There are literally millions of photos of Venice Beach.  What a surprise!)

Interior Ch 3 frontispiece cropped resized_____Interior Ch 3 frontispiece BW cropped resized

Beth’s advanced high-school dance class includes a month introducing the Argentine tango.  Her skill at dancing the tango and love of it is an important part of several scenes throughout the rest of the book.

Interior Ch 4 red dress cropped resized_____Interior Ch 4 red dress cropped BW resized

These images were created exclusively by me, out of parts owned exclusively by me or in the public domain. I hereby release them into the public domain without restriction, to be modified and used for any purposes.


6 Responses to Ebooks 9

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  2. Laer,
    What is you anticipated release date of the ebook?

    Ed Patterson

  3. Laer Carroll says:

    Ed, I’m hoping for middle of next week, around the 20th.

    I’m adding 9 interior graphics, one at the beginning if each chapter. They’re done.
    I’m adding another 9 within the chapters. So a lot of work. I hope the visuals really add to the reading experience. But only the readers can decide that.

    After reading the book, I’d appreciate feedback on that.

  4. Laer,

    Since most covers and internal illustrations are by someone that often seems to not to have read the story, I find them not adding to the story. I look forward to yours since they are an added dimension by the author.

    I will give you comments.


  5. Laer Carroll says:

    Frankly, I have doubts about two or three of the ones I put in! Whether they added, or whether my executions of them were good enough.

  6. I am reading it now.

    Some early comments:
    Police air car number – illustration 254, story P00511
    Should probably say Burbanks somewhere on the bottom. Each city wants to make sure that they do not get confused with the next one. At least that is what they do in the Phoenix area.

    @ 2601 of 5462:
    Speed of sound is velocity not acceleration. The story says that the acceleration is limited so as not to have a sonic boom. Once the speed of sound is exceeded the boom occurs. To get around the Earth with inertialless flight, an option is to go straight up out of atmosphere, go around the world at tens of thousands of MPH, then go straight down. Maybe 10 minutes at subsonic speed in atmosphere at just below the speed of sound. I use that in my writing.


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