I’ve converted Shapechanger’s Birth to Amazon’s and Barnes & Nobles ebook formats for their ereaders: the Kindle and Nook.

I uploaded it to Amazon with a preliminary cover.  Just now I uploaded the newer and final cover.  It will likely take a day or two for the new image to refresh in all its incarnations.

The cover was created with  DAZ 3D Studio.  It is free but the figures, poses, and wardrobes are not.  Still, even those are cheap.

The titles were created with Adobe Photoshop Elements.  This is the consumer version for $90, but it has much of the functionality of the professional versions which can cost as much as $2000.  It let me create the text quickly and easily, in all sorts of fonts and colors and sizes, and position and reposition it and see the results instantly.

Shapechanger's BirthThat size will only been seen if the reader zooms the image on the product page, or looks inside the book. Amazon will show it on most pages in one of following sizes.

Shapechanger's BirthShapechanger's BirthNow to upload the Nook version to Barnes & Noble.

These cover images was created exclusively by me, out of parts owned exclusively by me. They are thus copyrighted. I hereby release them into the public domain without restriction, to be modified and used for any purposes.


5 Responses to EBOOKS

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  2. Ed Patterson says:

    I just saw an interesting picture of Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia on IMDb.com.
    For a different reason she had light coming out of her fingers.
    Just a similar idea for you as you refine the cover of Shapechanger ‘s Birth.

    I download the free version of the DAZ software. It looks interesting.

  3. Laer Carroll says:

    It’s a good product. Unfortunately there are no easy-to-read and -use books on it. You have to use the user community bulletin board to get answers to your questions. Happily, I often get answers (even the deeps of the weekend nights) within the hour, even to seemingly trivial questions.

    They earn money on the Lego-like parts you can buy online. Those are for places, poses, clothing, props, and so on. Those are cheap but can add up. Browse cannily.

  4. Ed Patterson says:

    I bought Shapechanger’s Birth on Amazon.

  5. Laer Carroll says:

    Wow! It’s really there. Funny I did not receive a notice from Amazon that they had approved it.

    Now I have to upload the newer (hopefully better) cover.

    Hope you enjoy it.

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